AAA Auto Insurance Quotes

The American Automobile Association (AAA), or Triple A, is a not-for-profit member service organization with over 51 million members nationwide. Offering discounts, insurance, travel, automotive, and driver safety information, AAA is the top roadside assistance service in the U.S., and provides various benefits to its members. An association of regional motor clubs throughout North America, AAA operates locally to better serve their members. Founded as a means of establishing more roads and highways in 1902, AAA rapidly expanded, concentrating on other areas such as motorist safety, racing, car care, and mapping.

When shopping for auto insurance, AAA offers discounts for AAA membership, bundling policies, multiple cars, being a safe driver, anti-theft devices, and being insured previously. They provide an array of products to help you meet state guidelines for insurance and arm yourself and your vehicle with extra protection. With a good reputation for automotive services as well as customer service and fair rates, AAA auto insurance has received positive member feedback in recent years. As clubs vary by region, so do insurance policies and availability.

In Southern California, for example, where the largest AAA federation club resides, the auto insurance sector has received an A+ from A.M. Best for financial stability, offers a $100 travel gift certificate when switching from another company, and comes with various other perks. AAA Roadside Assistance services are also available for accidents through AAA Accident Assist for insured members.

AAA Auto Insurance Coverage

As with most notable auto insurance companies, AAA offers the essentials and a few additional options, including:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Uninsured Collision
  • Car Rental Expense


AAA Discounts

You may qualify for one or more discounts based on your car, driving history, and other factors. These are common examples of the discounts provided by AAA to those who purchase their auto insurance coverage. Below is an excerpt from AAA in California’s list of discounts, so keep in mind they may vary in your state.

  • Multi-policy: Multiple auto policies provides up to 20 percent, and buying both home and auto from AAA – up to 11.7 percent savings.
  • Multi-vehicle: Add another vehicle to your insurance through AAA and receive discounts up to 22 percent.
  • Persistency: Up to 5.6 percent savings.
  • Good student: Up to 14.4 percent savings.
  • Air bags: Up to 8 percent savings.
  • Anti-theft device: Up to 17.5 percent
  • Mature driver: Up to 1.9 percent savings for drivers age 55 or older who finish a driving course .
  • Driving course: Save up to 4.7 percent after completing an AAA-approved driving class.
  • Good driver: 20 percent discount.
  • Professional: Up to 9.4 percent discount for certain occupations.


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