Established in 1936, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) is the state’s most trusted and popular health insurance provider, serving more than 2.1 million Alabama residents and 870,000 out-of-state members. Independently licensed under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is an extension of one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States and the world, connecting you with a large nationwide network. The company is committed to keeping premiums affordable and they place 92 cents of every premium dollar towards improving healthcare for their members.

The state of Alabama was nationally recognized for its low health insurance rates (notably for families under group coverage), and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is dedicated to keeping them reasonable. BCBSAL is the only Blue plan of 38 other independent licensees to win 18 Brand Excellence Awards from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and has been rated the best plan throughout the East South Central region by J.D. Power and Associates’ Member Health Plan Study for several years.


Individual & Family Health Plans

From the basics to tax advantages, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama provides competitive options to protect you and your family. Coverage includes access to a Preferred Provider Network, allowing members to receiving greater savings by seeing in-network providers, yet with the flexibility of using non-network care at a percentage of coinsurance. Additional coverage is available with each plan, including dental benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama contracted dentists.


Copay Plans

With several options for comprehensive coverage, BCBSAL offers individual plans with either a $750 or $1500 deductible and a range of upfront benefits. Before your deductible is met, you can visit a primary care provider or specialist, receive emergency care for medical problems or an accident, buy generic and brand name prescription medications, and receive outpatient surgery for a fixed amount. Preventive care is covered in full from the day your plan starts.


High Deductible Health Plans (HSA-Compatible)

Offering very low premium rates and preventive care at no cost with in-network providers, HDHPs are qualified for use with a health savings account (HSA) which provides its own benefits. Adding a savings account to your health plan creates a fund which can be borrowed against for medical expenses only and help you meet your deductible. Creating an HSA also gives you tax breaks and a larger refund, though they are optional for plan members. Your plan covers 80 percent of your medical costs after deductible when using in-network doctors and facilities, and 50 percent of your out-of-network care.


Each of these plans comes with multiple deductible options to fit your needs. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium, but you may have to wait longer before you receive the coverage you need. Finding the right balance (of rates in your price range, amount of coverage, and a realistic deductible) is essential when choosing a health plan. For assistance choosing a plan or a comparison of all your medical coverage options in Alabama, call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917 or fill out a free, instant quote.