At East Coast Health Insurance, we make sure only the best health insurance carriers are offered to each of our customers. In every state, we work with the most reputable insurers available so that you can get the perfect plan for the right price.


Pricing and availability varies from one company to another and one area to another, so in order to get an accurate idea of what health insurance will cost for you and your family, take a few seconds to fill out a quote.


There are a variety of plans within each company to choose from, and how will you know which one is right for you? Compare rates, benefits, network size, coverage, and keep your budget and health needs in mind. If you’re lost in a sea of plans, feel free to call one of our agents to help you find one at 888-803-5917. Some regions have more options in terms of plans and companies available than others.


We have cautiously selected our carriers, and we think it is essential for you to get to know your future insurer. Whether they have been in the health insurance market for 10 years or 100 years, these are the most reliable, highest quality insurers in the nation.


No insurer is perfect, however, and the private health insurance market has elevated prices here and there. We are here to get you the most affordable rates, and steer you in the low-cost direction, so we will let you know when a company is a bit elevated in price. Happy health insurance researching, and feel free to contact us with any questions we can answer!