Blue Cross Blue Shield is another great company with whom East Coast Health Insurance works, because they offer great rates and a variety of plans for individuals and families. In certain states, they can be especially competitive with other insurers and give great price breaks due to non-profit status. Every Blue Cross Blue Shield member company is tailored to the state in which it is located. The entire U.S. Blue Cross Blue Shield system is made up of 38 independently operated member companies, with coverage in every state, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Individual health insurance plans are available through the customized companies in each state, which can go under any number of names including Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Empire Blue (New York), or MyBlue. The plans vary depending on the state, as they are all independently owned and are free to offer various options, but will mostly include standard options such as PPOs, HMOs, HSAs, and in some areas even Medicare.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits

There are many benefits to being a Blue Cross Blue Shield member. The Blue365 program is available to participating Blue Cross Blue Shield companies throughout the country. They offer a variety of wellness programs to help members stay active, healthy, and understand the importance of truly caring for your health. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers discounts and free services to provide you with tools such as gym memberships, classes, and office visits for preventive care to help you take your health seriously and take it into your own hands.

Another option for personally managing your care with certain Blue Cross Blue Shield companies is the MyBlue Incentive Program, which gives incentives for making efforts toward good health. Members in the areas where this option is available must be on a standard or basic plan, and they can sign up for a MyBlue Wellness Card. You can earn up to $50 with a MyBlue Wellness Card based on health-related purchases and expenses. They also have incentive programs for those who stop smoking, use generic prescriptions, and need diabetes treatment.

As with many other health insurance companies, Blue Cross has an extensively detailed online directory of care, which helps you to manage your account, prescriptions, choose and compare providers, and find health resources. They also have a great pharmacy programs, which allows for discounts on certain medications through the Preferred Pharmacy Network (for those on one of their many PPO plans) to members and dependents who also use their plan.