Cigna is a company with a long history, and can be very affordable depending on the plan you choose and the type of coverage you need. Unlike many domestic carriers, Cigna provides health insurance to thirty countries other than the U.S., and is a combination of two insurance companies that have existed for hundreds of years.

In 1982, Cigna was formed by a meeting of the minds of Insurance Company North America (INA), created as a marine insurance company in 1792, and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which has been in business since 1865. Jointly, these companies are Cigna, and have brought quality to the health care industry for many years, and continue to offer competitive prices for their products.

Individual health insurance from Cigna is certified for its standard of excellence, and their plans are offered in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Their primary plan type is a PPO, which means you have the freedom of choice in your providers, and do not have to commit to a primary care doctor. They offer a value plan option, which does not have the same range of care, but costs less and basically serves the same purpose. As with all health insurers, Cigna offers a health savings account that can be used in conjunction with a high deductible plan, through their Health Savings Plan.

Cigna Benefits

Cigna has a wide range of coverage with their Open Access Plus network, which includes more than 500,000 medical professionals and more than 8,000 hospitals and health care facilities throughout the country. Since their individual health insurance plans are PPOs, you have the ability to choose your providers personally, without a referral. It is encouraged to utilize the network, as members receive discounted care for seeing an in-network provider, but there is the option of going out-of-network as well.

Dental coverage is available with each individual plan, and can be applied to any dependents you may have on your plan as well. After you meet your deductible, preventive, basic, restorative care and other services will be covered by your dental coverage. There is also a large network of dentists, so you are able to receive care for less if you choose to go in-network.

Cigna offers lower prices on prescriptions through their National Pharmacy Network, which can be available to you through the retail pharmacy of your choice, or mailed directly to you by using the Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. There are also great discounts on programs to support good health, such as nutrition, fitness, vision, hearing, and dental care, vitamins, alternative medicine, tools to stop using tobacco, and other products to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

In order to find out which Cigna plans are available in your area and how much they will cost, fill out a quote.