Humana Inc. is an organization that provides a variety of insurance products with fantastic reviews, great benefits, and incredible quality. The company is one of the largest publicly traded health and supplemental benefits companies in the country. As one of our closest companies that we work with at East Coast Health Insurance, Humana is a frequently sold product of ours and we are quick to recommend one of their plans. Humana has received many accolades as a company, with awards for many accomplishments including their quality of services, environmental consciousness, fair and respectful business practices, and tech-savvy approach to providing access to health care.

Their corporate standards of excellence are reflected in their individual health insurance products, offering high quality networks, fair prices for necessary benefits, and a consumer-oriented approach to providing care. HumanaOne is the individual health insurance division of Humana Inc., providing health care services to those who do not have coverage under an employer. HumanaOne plans include certain extras that many plans might not offer except through an employer-based plan, placing a strong emphasis on healthy living with wellness programs and preventive care coverage.

HumanaOne plans are unique in that most are portable, therefore enabling a policy-holder to relocate (to another state where Humana offers coverage) and not have to re-enroll for an insurance plan. Members of a HumanaOne plan also benefit from additional discounts on health related services such as vision and eye care, over-the-counter and prescription medications, skin care, smoking cessation products, vitamins and nutritional supplements, gym memberships, and chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Types of plans available from HumanaOne are Copay, 100% After Deductible, high deductible HSA, and short-term medical insurance. The following is a brief summary of the products offered through HumanaOne and what you can expect from their coverage. To find out what plans are available to you, fill out a quote here or enter your zip code in the quote engine above and search your options.

  • Copay Plans provide coverage that closely resembles group health insurance one would receive from an employer, such as doctor’s office visits for a flat copayment. Copayments are are also available for illness and injury-related visits, and prescription medications are covered in this type of plan. If you have recently lost your group insurance policy under an employer, and prefer to continue your coverage in a similar way, or if you like the convenience of a predictable payment every time you see a physician, copay plans may be a good option for you.
  • 100% After Deductible Plans provide in-network coverage at 100% once your annual deductible has been paid. There are a variety of deductible options to choose from with these types of plans, some of which have the ability to connect a health savings account.
  • Health Savings Account Plans are high deductible plans with 100% in-network coverage after having met the deductible, and the additional bonus of having a health savings account. With an HSA, you have control over your medical spending, and can use the money from such an account to pay for qualified health care costs such as services that your plan does not cover.
  • Short Term Plans are a temporary solution for those who need coverage during a waiting period, are in between jobs, recently graduated college, retired early, or any other time when you want a cushion of insurance (instead of none at all) if you experience a break in coverage. These plans typically last between 30 days and 6 months, and are not renewable. With HumanaOne, your coverage starts immediately (one day after application) if you qualify for the short term plan.