As the much as the Great Lakes vary from the Pacific Ocean, so do the health insurance policies and regulations in each state. Around the country, every state has an individual approach to issuing health insurance plans, which companies are available, and who is allowed coverage.


Each state also has varying degrees of emphasis on health. Some are full of opportunities to eat nutritious foods and be active, where other areas are not quite as interested in a healthy lifestyle. Even in the healthiest of regions, there will always be fast food chains because it’s such an integral part of our culture.

Health insurance companies are doing their best to encourage healthy living, no matter what your locale or interests may be, so that all of America can cut down on obesity, smoking, alcohol, and other unhealthy risk factors. Though the health care system may still be improving in terms of equality and availability to those in need, more Americans now have the ability to get health insurance and get themselves healthy.

Health Insurance by State


There are many cost levels of affordable health insurance in every state, and if it may still be too costly for you, there are public programs funded by the federal government in each state. The main goal is working towards a healthier country, so that everyone has the ability to work, play, and live better.

Here, you will find information on health plans available in each state, as well as the various health statistics to be aware of in certain regions, and the laws that back the health care system. Since laws are changing constantly due to health care reform (and its potential repeal), we at East Coast Health Insurance will keep you updated as to the current state of your state as soon as the Supreme Court ruling is released. In the meantime, you can find out how your state regards important issues like pre-existing conditions, high-risk individuals, and children’s health care.

If you have any questions about your state that have not been answered, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to respond quickly and accurately.